Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 1 of Dropping my fat belly.

Day 1

This morning started with at 5:15 workout. The workout was tough and I LOVED IT. Hmm. How do I put this? When I have a good workout, nature calls quickly. That happened it was great.


Two pieces of bacon, one egg and water.

 Well I had a bowl full of sea salted almonds with me but lunch was early. I never got to the almonds

Ugh! Today my baby girl graduated from kindergarten. The rule is we go to each lunch where they want to. She had decided on Logans Steakhouse. Oh yea. I had planned and researched and was going to dive in some chicken and salad. Wrong answer. That precious angel decided to go to Japanese Steakhouse. Yeah I blew it. I had water and hot tea. However, that savory, creamy, Yum Yum Sauce is the bomb diggity. I ate only half of my meal , but I did not do well with yum yum sauce.

Wood cutting and Surprise

I have a friend and we cut firewood. One of our neighbors had a tree 44 inches in diameter to fall and we have been cutting on this tree for several weeks when we have time to. It is great exercise to load and split wood. The surprise? There is a field near this tree and I saw some thing moving. Curiosity will kill me one day. I investigated and saw blackberries everywhere. So I had organic, healthy, wild, sweet blackberries for snack. Delish! ( Love Rachel Ray)


The wife says we are grazing on some yogurt and fruit since we bombed at lunch. Tomorrow is a new day and there will be setbacks but I am pressing on. OH YEAH! Victory was no sweet tea or any soft drink today. Booyah.

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