Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Does God turn His back on us?

Yes. He does.

If you have not heard, we are the owners of a beagle puppy named Button. We named her that because of the cute little spot she has on her head.  I have been trying to get this dog trained in many different ways, however  I have to wait on obedience class until she is at least six months old. Right now, I have submersed myself in a plethora of books on training dogs. I watch any TV show about dog training. I ask anybody who has a good dog on what they did to train their dog. Well, through my “extensive” research, I found out that if you turn your back on a dog that they will come to you. Yea, I was doing the opposite and it was not working. Well, it was working now because she is a puppy and I am stealth enough to catch her.  Since this dog came into our lives, we have adopted some new things. We go for walks with our beast. It has really been good to take walks with my kids and wife and just be family. No video games just us. One of the walks we take is to school. My wife is blessed to work at the same school that our kids attend. This morning, my daughter and I walked to school. My son has become to macho and decided the wet weather might mess up his new Nike Huarachas. Yea, we are at that stage with him so pray for us. At least, he is using deodorant without being told now.

                Anyway,  the dog got out without her leash this morning and walked across our yard to the neighbor’s yard to visit some of his canine compadres.  They are in a fence, but  they sniff and great each other.  Here we go: LET’S TEST THIS TURNING BACK THEORY.  I told my daughter to walk like we were headed to school and don’t look back and let us see what happens. We did and the pooch spotted us until she found and glorifying  new scent (gotta love beagles).  So we kept walking and she was still standing at this bush with a deep infatuation with this scent.  I directed my daughter to stop walking but keep our back turned to her.  We stayed there. I took glances. The next thing I saw was that adorable puppy sitting next to my daughter  wanting to know what we she was supposed to do.  IT WORKED.  I attempted a second time on the way home from school and IT WORKED AGAIN.

The Scriptures tells us that we can see the attributes of an invisible God by His visible creation.  I caught a glimpse in that today.  DOES GOD TURN HIS BACK ON US?  Yes, If he is leading , you will see his back. Does God turn his back on us being upset and angry? Yes, To show us where he is and we need to get back on course, except I see it as an act of grace instead of being upset and angry. If you are going to follow God, you are probably going to see “his back” more than his face. Moses did and His face shined so bright he had to put a veil. The Bible says to FOLLOW ME.  Are you following?